Welcome to my Blog!

What you can expect from my blog:

1. Episodic posts of mainly anime. If I feel like I have something to say, I’ll write a post about that episode or group of episodes, but I probably won’t blog every episode of a series.

2. Reviews/analysis of mainly anime.

3. I may seldom write seasonal previews and reviews.

4. Occasional miscellaneous stuff.

My favorite post that I’ve written happens to be this one on objectivity vs relativism in reviews! Check it out!

About me:

I’m a computer engineer undergrad, so you shouldn’t expect my writings to be that good! Hopefully with experience I will become better but bear with me until then!

What does your tagline “My Fifteen Minutes of Eternal Sleep” Mean?

It’s just a line from my favorite piece of fiction of all time, Inferno Cop. It sounds cool/deep when, in reality, it’s really stupid (kind of like my writing!). If you wanna be sappy/pseudo-intellectual about it, you could say it’s similar to my fifteen minutes of fame, only I’m asleep because being a writer is my dream.

My MAL: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/PavoKujaku

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/PavoKujaku

My IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/user/ur41813723/ratings


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